Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week 22 Prep!

Hey Moms,
  CC Day is coming up here is the rundown for this week's CC prep.

  Jena Norris will be bringing the snack during Presentation time.

  For Presentation this week, the theme is Recite a Poem! Have your child get ready to recite a short poem for Presentation time. It can be a nursery rhyme or a song (but no singing the song). The focus is a review of all of the elements of delivery during your child's presentation - confidence, eye contact, volume, articulation, poise, expression, gestures and tempo.

  Please keep up the good work in regards to the drilling of the Geometry sentences. I could tell that the children had been working on them last week. The more that we drill the facts, the more engrained into their brains the facts will be! We will practice the geometry sentences and songs during the last few minutes of Review time.

  Have a great day!



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